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FaQs. General Information

What are steroids?

Steroid drugs are testosterone (a male hormone) obtained by chemical synthesis. He is responsible not only for the proportional growth of the genital organs, as well as the manifestation of secondary sexual characteristics (body hair, etc.), but also for the active building of muscles. The latter is a decisive factor for steroid use by athletes and bodybuilders.

Will steroids help me gain muscle mass and can I do without them?

Aerobic training accelerates the growth of red muscle fibers, strength – white fibers. Almost all bodybuilder muscle hypertrophy is recruited due to the development of white muscle fibers. It is impossible to build up a pile of muscles only due to training, but getting a beautiful pumped body is easy. In order to look like Schwarzenegger you have to take steroids, because this kind of muscle is not normal for any body. Only supplements will allow you to go beyond the capabilities of the body, not only in terms of weight gain, but also in endurance and other sports indicators.

How can I place an order?

Throw the goods into the cart, click the checkout button, fill out the necessary contact information and we will contact you no later than in a day. See here for more information (checkout).

What is the minimum order amount?

We do not have a minimum order amount. For your convenience, we will ship the smallest order anywhere in the United States. Agree, lately there have been too many fakes in our business, and it is better to play it safe and make a trial order, and make sure the seller is reliable before ordering a large amount of goods.

I haven't received my item. What can I do?

The store does not have the ability and will not be responsible for the buyer, and receiving the package, in cases where the order was sent back by mail, you can consider the order lost due to the fault of the customer and we will not return the money, since we will not be able to receive the order by mail.

How can I pay for the order?

There are several payment options for the order (for more details see here – payment). The most convenient one is through a paypal or bitcoin, you can pay for your order without leaving your home. You can also make a transfer to the specified details in the mail.

How long does an order take?

The terms of order collection are from one to seven days, then they are shipped from the United States, which is completely safe and you will not face a problem due to contraband.

How long should I wait for the shipping?

Depending on the delivery method you have chosen (for more details see here – delivery). The waiting period can be from 3 to 15 days.

Can you help me make a steroid cycle?

Yes, of course, write to us.

Do you guarantee that I will receive my order?

We value our reputation and fulfill our obligations. Reviews of our work can be found here – reviews.

Can I get the money back?

For security purposes, money from the account is returned only to regular customers.

How to get a package without risk?

When ordering a shipment from the USA, customers do not fall under the article of smuggling potent substances (steroids) and you are not in danger, since everything is legal for you. You will not be a smuggler or distributor of potent substances, so the choice of sending from the United States is the only right decision.

The order stopped at the sorting center or got lost. IMPORTANT for new and old buyers

If the parcel stopped at the sorting center and there is no traffic for more than 2 or 3 weeks, then most likely it is delayed and you should not look for it, all you will find is a meeting with police officers;
We do not refund money for the order, since your order will be sent and we will incur costs;
We will not send the parcel 2 times at our own expense if you could not pick up the first.

No track code for 7 days, what should I do?

Parcels from the United States are sent 3-4 times a week, the maximum waiting period for sending a parcel and receiving a track is 7 days, in case of force majeure, the term for receiving the track can be delayed for 1-2 days. Do not worry if you have not received your track within 7 days, we will send you everything, both the package and the track. In cases if you have not received the track within 7 days write us the official mail of the store a letter with the order number and the question when the order will be sent, we will answer you.

I paid for shipping with EMS, why do I have to wait 7 days for a track?

In this case, just like with a regular parcel, the courier will send your order from the USA, when we have the track, we will send it to the buyer, EMS will send the items, just like the usual ones are examined by the customs of 2 states and the recipient may problems with law.

I paid and dropped the track to the mail, there is no response from the store administration, what should I do?

In this case, just like with a regular parcel, the courier will send your order from the USA, when we have the track, we will send it to the buyer, EMS will send the items, just like the usual ones are examined by the customs of 2 states and the recipient may problems with law.

In the details i indicated the wrong name and now I can not get the package, what should I do?

If at the time of placing the order you mistakenly indicated the wrong details, name or index, and we sent the parcel to these details, and the parcel was not returned to you or it arrived at the wrong address or index, we will not be able to return or forward the parcel, and we will not return you money, because we physically can’t verify the details you specified. You can consider the parcel lost due to the fault of the client. Be careful!

I placed an order, but didn’t come with an account with the details?

If you place an order, but the invoice for payment did not come to the mail you indicated, most likely you indicated the mail with an error, errors often occur when specifying the mail prefix. Be careful. In this case, you can re-place the order again or write to the official mail of the store.

How does order insurance work?

Over the years, we have faced various kinds of problems, fraudsters and force majeure when sending parcels: theft of the parcel, delaying the parcel, and so on. Thinking, we decided that it would be nice to have insurance from the Store so that the service becomes more transparent, because in case of problems with sending, the client makes complaints to us, forgetting that we do not interact with the mail staff in any way and cannot change anything after the package has been sent.

Paid the order, no check, when will you send the order?

If you do not have a receipt for payment, then we reserve the right not to send the order, since you cannot confirm the payment made. Naturally, we don’t have a goal to take your money and not send the order just because you didn’t take the check or because the terminal ran out of paper and you could not receive the check. In cases if you do not have a check, write the following data to our mail:

the date of payment;
payment time, US time zone;
where the payment was made, wallet or card, card or wallet number;

I could not pick up the parcel. What can I do?

In cases where the client could not pick up the parcel for reasons unrelated to the store’s operation, such as: a sudden business trip, moving to another city, vacation, as well as in cases where the postal worker did not bring a notice and the parcel was returned to the sender, we do not return previously made advance payment by the client (money paid for the order).

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