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What are steroids?

Steroid drugs are derivatives of the male testosterone hormone obtained through chemical synthesis. It is responsible not only for the proportional growth of genital organs and secondary sexual features like bodily hair but also for actively building muscles. The latter is a decisive factor for the use of steroids by athletes and bodybuilders.

Is it true that steroids will help me build muscle, and can I do without them?

Aerobic exercise promotes the formation of red muscle fibers while also increasing the strength of white muscle fibers. The growth of white muscular fibers is responsible for almost all muscle hypertrophy in bodybuilders.

Although it is impossible to bulk up muscles alone just through training, achieving a stunning pumped physique is simple. To look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, you’ll need to take steroids, as this level of muscle gain is unusual for anyone.

Only using supplements will enable you to exceed your body’s natural potential, not only in terms of weight gain but also in terms of endurance and other sports metrics.

Can you assist me with putting a steroid cycle together?

Yes, of course. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need a prescription to order these products from you?

No, you do not need to provide us with a prescription if you want to make an order.

How can I receive my package risk-free?

When ordering from within the USA, customers are not at risk of legal repercussions by buying potent substances such as steroids.

How legitimate is your company?

We understand your concern about the numerous questionable sellers on the Internet, who are making it exceedingly difficult for consumers to find trusted sources.

We are licensed to sell and distribute pharmaceutical products as a professional mail-order pharmacy, and we only source directly from the major pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Prescription-free anabolic steroids and bodybuilding items have been available through our website for over 5 years, and we have a 99% success rate at getting these products to our customers.

To ensure our customers keep coming back, we strive to maintain a positive relationship with you by offering an optimal service experience.

You may place an order with us with complete confidence. You’re the sole reason we’re here, and we hope you’ll return! Feel free to contact our customer service team should you have any concerns.

Are the products original?

The authenticity of all our products can be verified directly on the producer’s website using the batch codes they print on every factory-sealed package, but you will also notice the quality of their effectiveness after the first injection or tablet is taken.

We deal with established and prominent brands like Alpha Pharma, BioScience GmbH, British Dispensary, British Dragon, GenSci, LA Pharma, Max Pro, and many others.

Is purchasing these products legal?

In Europe, it’s not required to have a prescription to order these products, but other countries may differ. We advise that you check your local regulations and import restrictions.


How do I go about placing an order?

1. Buying steroids online from A2F.net is easy!

2. Browse or search our shop to find the ideal products you’re looking for.

3. Enter the number of items you would like to order and add them to your shopping cart.

4. Click the shopping bag icon at the top right of the page to view your shopping cart, which will calculate your total amount and an estimated delivery fee.

5. You can also add your promotional coupon codes here to apply the discount.

6. The next step is to complete the form, specifying your delivery address and personal contact details. You may also provide additional comments to notify us about any specific requests.

7. Once you submit your application, it will immediately be processed and you will be provided with different payment options, either on screen or by email.

Is it possible to change my order after I have placed it?

Your order can still be changed even after you have paid for it, as long as it has not yet been dispatched. Please submit a support ticket to our customer service staff ASAP (remember to mention the Order ID in your message) so that we can halt your order until you have made the changes you want.

To make changes to your order, please log in to your account, and on your existing order, select “Edit Order”.


What is the minimum order amount?

There is no minimum quantity you need to order from us. We will ship the smallest order anywhere in the United States at your convenience.

Do you have a maximum order size limit?

Regardless of the overall amount of items in your order, no order is too big and you may order as much as you’d like!

Just be sure to check the regulations with an experienced import specialist about what the restrictions are for the quantities that you are allowed to import to the country or US state of your choice.

Unfortunately, our industry is plagued with rogue actors selling fake products, so we generally advise that first-time customers place a small test order to feel comfortable ordering from us to ensure that we are a trustworthy merchant, before placing larger orders.

Is it safe to make large orders?

To maintain the same level of discretion and increased chances of your delivery passing through customs and arriving successfully, we separate your order into several smaller shipment envelopes/cartons.

We guarantee the same level of care for each smaller-sized package as with larger-sized packages, and we charge for only one single overall handling fee, and not a separate fee for each parcel.


I have made an order already. How do I go about paying?

You will be emailed instructions on how to make a payment. Please let us know if you didn’t receive the email and we will resend it ASAP. To avoid any unnecessary delays, please pay close attention to the instructions emailed to you.

How long does it take to get my payment approved?

Normally, we process money transfer payments within 2 to 3 business days of receiving your proof of transaction. You’ll automatically be notified by email if your payment was unsuccessful (eg. if the wrong account numbers were submitted).

If this happens, you will need to repeat the payment process until it’s successful. Your order will be prepared within 24 hours of receiving a successful transaction confirmation.

I paid for the order but didn’t receive an invoice. Is my order still valid?

If you have not received an order invoice, please provide us with the following information:

  • The time and date of your payment (US time zone)
  • The payment method used: eg. PayPal, crypto wallet, etc
  • Your PayPal email address, crypto wallet address or TXID.


If you do not have a payment receipt and cannot prove that the payment was made, we reserve the right to not send the order.

Do you offer delivery insurance?

We’ve had to deal with various issues of fraud and force majeure over the years, such as parcel theft, parcel misdelivery, and so on when shipping parcels to customers.

To operate a more transparent service and give you peace of mind we, therefore, offer insurance to protect you from any financial losses as a result of misdeliveries by the mail delivery service provider.


What payment methods do you accept?

We respect our clients’ privacy and therefore provide the following discreet payment options:

  • Bitcoin
  • Other cryptocurrencies (please enquire)
  • Money transfer via PayPal

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be bought using credit cards through websites like Coinbase.com, Circle.com, or localbitcoins.com.

Do you accept any other methods of payment?

If you prefer to use an alternative payment option, please enquire with our team to find out how we might be able to accommodate you.


Can you ship to countries other than the USA?

Yes, we can ship your order worldwide!

Please note that express airmail deliveries are not currently available for orders sent to Germany, Canada, and Australia. To reduce the chances of products getting confiscated at customs, we only offer regular airmail.

Are the products dispatched from within the US?

We source directly from the original manufacturers’ factories who are mostly located in Europe and Asia. To ensure your utmost discretion and anonymity, we route shipments through various shipping nodes. So, you may notice that your parcels arrive from different countries at different times.

Is it possible to deliver my order to a P.O. box address?

Yes, absolutely. Just ensure that the person showing the parcel collection slip at the post office has the same name as the addressee as they will need to provide proof of identification when collecting the parcel.

Other than via your website, how else can I order?

We are purely e-commerce oriented and only offer online mail ordering. Should you have any problems ordering online, please contact our sales team who will gladly assist you.


When can I expect my order to arrive?

Express Airmail shipping 1-3 business days.
Regular Airmail shipping


Within the USA:
1 to 7 daysEurope:
9-12 days
Registered Mail shipping only


*no Express Shipping is currently available to these destinations as this method increases the chances of products getting confiscated at customs.

Germany, Canada, and Australia:
12-15 business days


What is the likelihood of my delivery being delayed?

Slight delays may be possible due to factors out of our control, which is why we only give you estimates based on our experience over the years.

Inefficiencies by those postal service providers, delays during clearance by import and exit customs, and the distance from our depot to your location can all affect how long it takes to get your order delivered to you.

Most airmail shipments arrive within 10 days (85% of the time), and 15% of shipments arrive within 15 days. This is not due to delays on our side, but due to inconsistencies by the various entities and factors described above.

What is causing my order’s delivery to be delayed?

Our products are fulfilled from our European and Asian warehouses, which means they need to be imported for you into the USA and then pass through Customs & Excise import control. Delays come down to your order taking too long to clear the goods at both the point of exit from the country they are dispatched from and the entry point at the US border.

It’s important to be aware that international shipments have to pass through many hurdles before they arrive at your door. First, they are passed on from our warehouse to the national postal service in the country of origin, then undergo customs clearance for export approval, transit by air, customs clearance for import in the destination country, and finally being handed over to your local postal service to deliver it to your door.

Any hiccups along the way can cause the next step in the process to be delayed. Even if most of these steps go smoothly, it takes just one element in the procedure to delay the delivery processes that follow and set back the overall delivery time.


Our approach to discreteness involves never accompanying a list of the pharmaceutical contents along with the parcel, including our organization’s name or anything else that may implicate us or you.


How do you ensure that the items I ordered aren’t seized by the authorities?

All orders are packaged very discreetly, with X-ray photo paper to conceal the contents. We also rotate the method in which we package your products constantly to maximize the chances of successful delivery.

To prevent suspicion, we split larger orders into smaller separate shipments to keep the sizes of the packages to a minimum. You will, however, only be quoted for one shipment handling fee.

To ensure discreteness and increase the possibility of your package arriving successfully, we reuse cardboard boxes that we would have otherwise discarded to package your goods. This goes in line with our company’s environmentally responsible ethos.


Your shipment(s) will be dispatched from various countries through various shipping points to reduce the chances of your parcel being seized by customs control.


We have an excellent track record of getting parcels passed through customs due to years of experience and due to our discreet method of packaging the items.

Do you have a reimbursement policy in case my order is seized by customs?

In the 1% chance that it does, we will either reship your order or reimburse you with an account credit or discount coupon to use towards a new purchase.

In case your order does get confiscated, kindly provide us with proof (the official letter of seizure from the post office or customs) and we will remedy the situation within 3 business days.


Is a signature required to accept my delivery?

Yes, a signature is required to acknowledge receipt of your delivery so that we can contest any fraudulent non-delivery claims.

99% of the time, we win these disputes since we can provide proof of our correspondence with the customer, the details of their order, photos taken at the time of packing the order, and the confirmation from the postal service that the order was delivered and signed for.


You may rarely experience any problems as we have an excellent track record of ensuring your delivery goes smoothly.

Why hasn’t my order arrived?

Our experienced after-sales team is committed to providing the best customer service and will try to resolve any issues with your delivery at a moment’s notice.

International standard airmail shipping is included in our overall delivery time estimates, including the time it takes to clear customs.

Please check your ‘Order History’ under ‘My Account’ and calculate the total number of business days since your order, before contacting us unnecessarily about late delivery.

Has my order gone missing?

If you have not received your order after 30 days, please submit a support ticket with your order ID number, so that we can verify that you have not received it and we will reship your order as soon as possible. Either your order was lost in the mail, or it was seized by customs.

In case your order was seized by customs, please attach a photo or a scanned copy of the seizure notification letter you received from customs.

What do I do if my order arrives with incomplete or incorrect items?

Please accept our sincere apologies if this happened and contact our customer service team so that we can remedy the situation immediately. We usually resolve such issues within 2 business days.

We ask that you send us a picture of the contents of your parcel (including the outer parcel labels) so that we can look into why this happened and prevent such scenarios in the future.

To make up for any mistakes on our part, we will offer you one of the following options:

  • get your missing items redelivered;
  • get a partial refund for those items;
  • receive a credit to your account or a discount coupon to use towards a future purchase.


Why is it taking a long time for my order to be reshipped?

In case your order goes missing in the mail or gets seized at customs, it is our goal to redeliver your order to you as promptly as possible, without having to endure any hassles again the third time around.

There’s a risk that Customs & Excise may start to routinely inspect and delay EVERY package sent to your address by anyone in the future if they become suspicious that we are shipping you steroids.

Therefore, we try not to continuously ship items to the same address week after week, as it may lead to customs seizing your order, either at the Port of Entry or the Port of Exit. Our customer service team will work with you to find a suitable alternative address or method of delivery.

Follow the progress of your delivery using the delivery tracking codes provided with each order.

Where can I track my order online?

We will send you a delivery tracking code within 2-5 business days after your order has been paid and we have dispatched your order from our warehouse.

Your tracking code can then be found in your account on the website under your Order History, on My Account page.


Easily track your order while it is being shipped, locally and internationally.


Track an order that has already arrived in the USA.

Why is my tracking code not recognized by the tracking service?

Your package first needs to move from our delivery center to the logistics warehouse to await customs clearance. This process typically takes 72 hours, and only then does the code become active.

If, however, after 3 business days you notice that the tracking code is still not active, please contact us and we’ll look into the issue immediately.

Why does the tracking service indicate that my order is not moving?

There is not necessarily a problem if you experience this. Typically, your parcel is being held at customs while it waits to be processed, hence the delay.

If, however, it’s been 10 days and there still hasn’t been any progress, please contact us so that we can look into the problem. You should contact your local post office quoting your tracking code and ask them to give you a more detailed explanation of the issue and where your parcel currently is.

If clients do not agree to the following terms of service, A2f.net retains the right to refuse to process or ship any transactions made through our online store: 

1. This site is for commercial or educational purposes only, and all information (including shipping addresses, billing addresses, and our shipping methods) will be treated as confidential.

2. You are aware that using some of the products on the site could have negative health consequences or have harmful side effects.

3. You should determine whether buying these kinds of products is legal in your country, region, or state.

4. European customers must be at least 18 years old and US customers must be at least 21 years old to use the services offered by this website.

5. You are not a law enforcement partner or employee of any law enforcement organization.

6. You do not intend to cause harm to anyone using the information given on this website and will only use this site for commercial benefit.

7. You will treat the site’s operators with courtesy and respect.

Your privacy

A2f.net handles all personal information in accordance with European legislation. Even if a foreign government makes a formal request, the data of customers submitted to the A2f.net website will not be released.

Making, changing, or canceling an order

1. Before placing an order, please read the ordering instructions carefully.

2. Provided an order has not yet been packed, you can still cancel or delete it at any time, even if it has been paid for. If you need to suspend or cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible.

3. We will keep the (still unpaid) goods you have ordered aside for you in our warehouse for up to one week. If a week has elapsed since you placed your order and you finally proceed with payment, please contact us first to verify whether the items you want are still in stock.

4. Once you submit an order, it will stay idle in our system until the funds have been received, after which it will be processed within 24 hours.

5. You can check the payment and shipping status of your order, check your transaction history, find your delivery tracking code, as well as find other information related to your order on our website by visiting the ‘Order History’ section on the ‘My Account’ page.

Prices quoted on the website

1. When you place an order and your purchase is left unpaid, the offer price on your quotation remains frozen for up to a week.


2. Once you decide to pay for it you will still be eligible for the old price mentioned in your order, even if the live website price has since changed.

3. If you need to order a variety of different products, but the total amount of an individual product item required to qualify for the total bulk order discount is insufficient, place the order nevertheless and inform us.

Our team will then manually override the order to apply your bulk discount (but only within the limitations of our discount policy).

Assurance of product quality

1. All products are authenticated for quality by us and are also guaranteed by the manufacturer.

2. Please visit your doctor if you are concerned about being allergic to some of the substances in a product you purchased from us but have already used, as such cases are beyond our realm of knowledge.

3. Please report any quality-related complaints to our customer service staff as soon as possible, along with a thorough description of the problem and, if required, photos for verification.

Your delivery address

1. You’ll need to place separate orders and provide the applicable address for each item if you want an order divided and distributed to multiple addresses. However, you will only have to pay the delivery fee once for the complete combined order in this case.

2. The billing and shipping addresses can be different, but the mailing address must be valid and accessible for at least 40 days after the order has been placed.

3. If you move within 30 days of the projected delivery date, you’ll need to make arrangements for someone to accept the item on your behalf at your previous address. If this is not possible, we will compensate you up to 50% of the value of the inaccessible individual package.



Delivery tracking codes

Be aware that the delivery tracking code associated with your order should not be confused with the mail/postal reference number as they serve entirely different purposes.

Shipping delays

1. Please be aware that delays in shipments sometimes arise due to technical difficulties on our end. Please do not become concerned or upset if your item has not been shipped in less than 7 days. We apologize for the inconvenience and request that you please inform us so that your account can be reimbursed (if you wish to cancel the order).

2. There may be some delays due to mail/postal service issues. Please notify us if a package is more than 30 days late, and we’ll look into the problem.

3. Products are stored and distributed from a variety of warehouses located in various countries. As a result, your product may arrive in many smaller shipments spaced 24 to 48 hours apart rather than in a single bundled delivery. This is because we fulfill your order straight from one of the numerous regions where we source the products from, or the nearest available stock to your location.

4. Because the mail/postal service is outsourced and outside of our control, we are unable to expedite delivery.

Receiving your order

1. As your order may be delivered at separate times and in separate packages, please notify us each time items arrive:

You can notify us by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your account on the website;
  • go to the ‘Order History’ page;
  • fill in the amount you received next to each product you ordered;
  • click ‘Accept’.

2. We may refuse to reship any missing items to you if you notify us too late.

Therefore, please contact us right away if any products are missing from your order.

Cases eligible for reshipment

i. The items in the order are incorrect.

If you received the incorrect products that you ordered, please inform us and we will compensate you immediately with a free reshipment of the correct products.

ii. The products were damaged or were unusable.

In the rare case of products being damaged in transit or being unusable (eg. product has passed the expiry date), we ask that you take photos of the damaged products, labels, and packaging, and send them to us so that we can investigate the case and then reship them to you.

iii. The order was seized at customs.

We require you to notify us in such a case by submitting a photo or scanned copy of the letter received from customs so that our team can investigate the case and verify that the items were seized.


If an order surpasses the expected delivery date: It is considered delayed.
If an order surpasses the expected delivery date by 15 days: No need to be concerned, and don’t notify us just yet.

The postal service providers sometimes operate irregular schedules.

If an order surpasses the expected delivery date by 30 days: It is considered lost, and eligible for free reshipping.
In the unlikely scenario that this happens, kindly:

  • notify us that the package is lost
  • and provide us with the order ID code and an alternative delivery address so that we can reship your order.

Cases not eligible for reshipment

The delivery address provided is no longer accessible. We do not offer reshipment or refunds if a client was unable to pick up the parcel in time, for reasons such as a sudden business trip, relocation, or vacation, or in cases where the postal worker failed to leave a note and the parcel was returned to the sender.
An incorrect delivery address was provided. Packages that were misdelivered and then went missing due to an erroneously entered address will not be re-shipped.

Reshipment of out-of-stock items

If we need to reship any products to you as per the eligible cases outlined above, but the product is currently out of stock, we offer two options:

A. Wait until the product is back in stock again.

B. Replace the out-of-stock product with an alternative product up to the same total value.

Alternative address for reshipment

To prevent the same misdelivery from happening again, it will be necessary for you to provide a different shipping address for any purchases that need to be reshipped. If you are unable or unable to offer an alternate address, we can reship the order to the initial address, but should it fail again, we will not be able to guarantee free reshipping once more.


If you have any concerns or complaints about our services or products, please speak to our customer service representatives and we will endeavor to find a solution to the problem.

Due to the discreet approach we employ to ensure your privacy and safety concerning deliveries and transactions, it’s difficult to refund your payment as it may expose both parties’ identities. Therefore we currently only make refunds to long-standing customers with who we’ve built a trustworthy relationship.

Returning products to us

Should you have concerns about the products received in your order, you will not be able to return them to us. The sender’s address indicated on the package is fake, meaning we will therefore not be able to receive any returned goods and reimburse the value of those items as is the typical policy with other online stores. Therefore, please contact our customer service team to discuss the reasons for being unhappy about your order and we will find a suitable solution.

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