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Steroid Detection Times: How Long Can Steroids be Detected in Blood?

Athletes’ use of anabolic steroids has become more common over time, necessitating drug testing in sports such as high school athletics, powerlifting, and MMA. Athletes who want to avoid being caught using banned substances must be aware of the steroid detection times in urine and blood.

We have compiled a list and chart of the most commonly used anabolic steroid detection times to assist you in determining the actual steroid detection times for the substances you are using. The table shows the steroid drug test detection times for oral and injectable steroids.

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What are Anabolic Steroids

Steroids are hormones that are either naturally produced by the human body or artificially synthesized and administered to the system. Steroids are named after their chemical structure, which is directly produced from cholesterol and can be found in both plants and animals.

Steroids, also known as “gear” in the bodybuilding industry, were invented in the early 1950s by two scientists, John Ziegler and C.J. Koch, who investigated the effect of testosterone on athletic performance. They eventually decided to release a modified version of the medicine because it had no negative effects on humans during testing on osteoporosis patients.

In the late 1960s, a doctor in the United States named Francis Ziegler experimented with testosterone propionate extracted from sheep testicles and successfully developed a new medication, later marketed under the brand name “Depo-Testosterone,” marking the first time that medication was directly derived from an anabolic steroid.

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Steroids are commonly taken orally, either as pills or as a liquid mixture. The majority of people prefer to take them as tablets because they are easier to swallow and transport while engaging in physical activity. Anabolic steroids for injection, like any other drug administered to the body, require medical attention, though they can be given at home without the direct supervision of a medical practitioner.


Signs of Steroid Use

If you suspect someone is using steroids, you can look for several signs of steroid use. These include rapid muscle gain, acne, mood swings, personality changes, and the purchase of syringes and needles. If you suspect someone is using steroids, you should address the situation and encourage them to seek help.

Understanding the actual steroid detection time charts is critical for athletes who want to avoid being caught using banned substances. By using our steroid detection time calculator and chart, you can determine the actual injectable or oral steroid detection times for the substances you are using and take steps to avoid detection. Remember, using steroids is illegal and can have serious health consequences, so it’s important to approach performance enhancement in a safe and legal manner.

Acne is a common side effect of steroids. Although acne is common in adolescents, acne on previously clear skin is a sign that something is wrong.

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Finally, if your loved one is using steroid creams, you may notice a strange odor. These are only the visible effects of steroid use. Non-visual signs can also be observed, such as a change in personality, mood swings, and other symptoms.                        

Positive effects of steroid usage

The beneficial effects of steroid use can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the individual’s dosage, frequency of use, and the steroid used. Despite this, steroids have positive effects on users that are generally comparable.

Positive effects include:

Increased lean body mass: 

Anabolic steroids help athletes and bodybuilders increase muscle mass by binding to androgen receptors in cells that produce proteins, resulting in more protein synthesis and faster repair of injured muscles during exercise. This leads to bigger and bulkier muscles.

Increased strength: 

Athletes and bodybuilders experience a significant increase in overall strength following the rapid healing of damaged muscles, leading to even more muscle mass gain.

Reduced fat storage: 

Steroid users can sleep longer and harder because testosterone contributes to higher libido levels, leading to an increase in intimate hunger in both men and women. This implies that the person taking steroids will be able to maintain his or her firm physique even without engaging in intense workouts regularly.

Increased bone strength:

Steroids have been shown to reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis by progressively increasing bone density due to the aforementioned actions of steroids.

Reduced healing time:

Utilizing steroids aids in the reduction of healing time following surgery, an accident, or extreme stress because anabolic hormones promote the production of cells in which proteins are produced, speeding up cellular regeneration and tissue repair.

Increased energy:

Steroids can give an individual additional energy for regular duties by directly altering metabolism, which may be utilized to accomplish demanding tasks like long hours of labor, running from one area to another, and other types of physical exercise.

Better sleep:

Steroids can help people relax and reduce tension, providing more energy for other activities and helping them sleep better at night.

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Improved cardiovascular system:

Studies show that anabolic steroids improve people’s cardiovascular systems, so those who use them have a lower risk of serious heart problems. They can live longer lives because their circulatory systems are more efficient at transporting blood throughout the body, including all cells.

Reduced liver toxicity: 

Using injectable or transdermal testosterone instead of excessive oral anabolic steroid use can protect the liver. Furthermore, using liver detox supplements like milk thistle can help keep the liver healthy and functioning properly, resulting in better health and fewer illnesses.

Increased testosterone levels: 

Steroids raise testosterone levels in the body, resulting in larger and firmer muscles, less tiredness, faster recovery after workouts, and a more sexually fulfilling existence.

How Long can Steroids be Detected in the User’s Blood?

If you’re concerned about steroid drug test detection times in urine or want to know the actual anabolic steroid detection times, you should know that steroid detection time charts vary depending on the anabolic steroid used, its properties, the dose and duration of your cycle, and the oral form you take (or injectable). You can use a steroid detection time chart or a steroid detection time calculator to help you plan and stay ahead. This is especially important if you’ve already run a few cycles and want to stack multiple chemicals in the same cycle.

Some steroids, such as Masteron, have short steroid detection times, whereas others can be detected up to 12 months after discontinuation. Finding the best injectable steroid with a low detection time that has positive effects on motor, mental, and central nervous system activities, as well as antidiuretic and erectile effects, is critical. Athletes devote significant time, effort, devotion, and discipline to their training, so understanding steroid drug test detection times is critical to avoiding disqualification from the event or contest.

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Can steroids be detected in urine?

There are numerous methods for detecting anabolic steroids in the human body, including visual signs such as changes in the user’s physical body and non-visual signs such as changes in personality. Testing a urine sample is one of the most common methods. A steroid detection times list can help you learn more about injectable or oral steroid detection times in urine.

How Long can Steroids Stay in Your System?

Because each steroid is unique, the length of time it remains in the body can vary. However, steroids typically stay in the system for about a week before being excreted, whereas some oral steroids stay in the system for four to six hours before being expelled.

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Steroid Detection Times List

Athletes and individuals subjected to anabolic steroid testing should be aware of the different anabolic injectable and oral steroid detection times of the various compounds. The time it takes for a steroid to be detected varies depending on factors such as the anabolic steroid used, its properties, dosage, duration of use, and mode of administration (oral or injectable).

Fat solubility and metabolic resistance are two other factors that can influence detection times. It’s worth noting that some anabolic steroids have significantly longer detection periods than others, and some are easier to detect in urine than others.

The best injectable steroid with a low detection time is Masteron, with a detection time of only two weeks. 

The following is a comprehensive list of the most commonly used anabolic steroids, as well as their specific detection times.

  • Anadrol (Oxymetholone): 2 months
  • Anavar (Oxandrolone): 3 weeks
  • Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate): 17 – 18 months
  • Dianabol (Methandrostenolone): 5 – 6 weeks
  • Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate): 4 – 5 months
  • Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone): 2 months
  • Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate): 2 weeks
  • Nandrolone Phenylpropionate: 11 – 12 months
  • Omnadren: 3 months
  • Parabolan (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate): 4 – 5 months
  • Primobolan (oral): 4 – 5 weeks
  • Sustanon 250: 3 months
  • Testosterone Cypionate: 3 months
  • Testosterone Enanthate: 3 months
  • Testosterone Propionate: 2 weeks
  • Testosterone Suspension: 1- 3 days
  • Trenbolone Acetate: 4 – 5 months
  • Turinabol (4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone): 11 – 12 months
  • Winstrol (Stanozolol): 2 months

21 thoughts on “Steroid Detection Times: How Long Can Steroids be Detected in Blood?

  1. Edward Moss says:

    I came across steroid usage a few weeks ago and I have to say that it’s been an overall positive experience. Steroid is legit and the people who use it are great. I haven’t experience any steroid side effect which is a plus. You should give it a try if you’re looking for an edge in the gym.

  2. Al Ramos says:

    Oral anabolic steroids has been a lifesaver for me. It’s not easy to work out 6x a week and have the physique I do now- I have to be creative and stay on top of my game. Steroids help me maintain my muscle mass and keep my body fat low, even when I’m dieting down. If you want to be at the peak of your physical potential, then you need to make the most out of the advantages of utilizing steroids!

  3. Ignacio Ryan says:

    Steroid is the best supplement I have taken. It helped me bulk up like crazy and saw huge gains in my muscle definition. I used to be skinny and weak but now I am a lean, mean bodybuilding machine. Steroid detection times is within 8 hours of taking them so you can still avoid testing positive if you know what you’re doing.

  4. Jon Leonard says:

    “My strength skyrocketed after getting off of a D-bol anabolic steroids 250 for a few weeks thanks to Anavar. Steroid use is one of the biggest advantage for bodybuilders. Anavar is a great product for anabolics.

  5. Courtney Barnett says:

    I hope that tren and mast will help me build a bigger, thicker, leaner body. I’m planning to do NPP, Dbol, and test Injectable steroids next cycle, along with 5–6k clean calories, which should help me get nicely bulked up. Taking anabolic steroids is a great way to increase strength, but it’s also important to stay lean while doing it. If I can achieve enough muscle mass without getting too fat, that’ll be the best of both worlds.

  6. Craig Gill says:

    I love test and NPP, and I used to use a prop, but since I keep getting lumps, the prop is no longer an option. I’ve tested high and low; I prefer high because I feel better. This time, I tried adding oxy for the final five weeks, and it worked out perfectly. The benefit of utilizing steroids is that they will only help you in the long run. I just kept getting stronger and stronger, and that’s how I got all those anabolic steroids !

  7. Caleb Wells says:

    Usage of anabolic steroids is a MUST have if you want to build a massive body. I’m not just talking about weight gain but also about adding muscle as well. I’ve been on it for about a year now and haven’t looked back. The Positive effects of steroid usage are incredible: increased muscle mass, decreased fat mass, increased shreds of body fat, and increased strength. The only downside is that it’s expensive but worth every penny!

  8. Everett Franklin says:

    I was able to significantly improve my previously poor lipids to a good range even on a proper steroid cycle (600 test and 400 mast) by doing 30 minutes LISS cardio after each gym session, red krill oil, 10g psyllium husk in the morning and 5g taurine in the evening, cheap and effective. Of course, cardio is the main thing that will move the needle, but the other things definitely helped me.

  9. Hector Porter says:

    “Anabolic steroids are known to lower blood cholesterol, which is linked to worse cardiovascular outcomes later in life. While all androgens, including endogenous testosterone, have this effect, some are more well-known than others.

    Users may want to consider this during cycle design, whether through component selection or proactive cholesterol management.”

  10. Vicente Derr says:

    “I became intrigued after hearing about Jon Jones’ recent drug test.

    According to my understanding, new metabolites and steroids with longer half lives are identified in order to improve detection times. Official assertions, on the other hand, suggest that drug testing may now detect extremely low amounts of the same metabolites.”

  11. Modesto Montero says:

    You will never get tested for Dianabol use. Ever. Except if you’re a professional bodybuilder or Olympic athlete. However even if they don’t test you or anything, the side effects might give you away more than you expect it to, even if you don’t know it.

  12. Deshawn Rinaldi says:

    “Oral steroids are detectable for approximately 2 weeks. For almost a month, I used injectables. So it is feasible to pass a test around 30 days after completing a course.

    However, if you inquire about the impacts and advantages, the answer is more than 30 days. And the impacts on bone density, facial characteristics, gynocomastia (tits on a guy), and reduced testicles might last a lifetime, depending on how long you use steroids for.”

  13. Shayne Hamby says:

    On July 28, 2017, UFC fighter Jon Jones was discovered to have 20-80 picograms/mL of a turinabol (anabolic steroid) metabolite in his system. At the time, it was said that he had taken the substance unwittingly via male enhancement tablets (another bag of worms in and of itself). It was discovered that it was in trace levels. He was slapped on the wrist, and now in 2018, he tested positive for 60 picograms/mL of the turinabol metabolite. They are now claiming that the 60 picograms were simply trace levels in his system from 2017 and previously, and that he did not use it again. Is this even conceivable?

  14. Stan Jacobson says:

    With no medical expertise, I compare steroid usage to smoking in that habitual smokers have more smoking-related difficulties than those who use just infrequently. It also kills some passive smokers. Some smokers live to be 90 years old! Smokers die a decade earlier than nonsmokers on average. Steroid usage, I’m sure, entails similar concerns. You put your money down and take a chance.

  15. Weston Stark says:

    When I first started using anabolic steroids in steroid cycles. I noticed that not only did the benefits arrive faster, I also noticed that I also had less side effects, if any at all. I used to use steroids off cycle and I noticed that there are a lot of side effects that I was having. That’s why my trainer told me to use them in cycles instead. And so I did, and I am grateful.

  16. Houston Wild says:

    Personally speaking, if you don’t want steroids to be detected in your body, I suggest learning how long each steroid stays in your system. For example, if you use Trenbolone Acetate, it usually stays detectable in the system for about two weeks, while Primobolan usually stays detectable for about six weeks. I am not advocating that you use or abuse steroids, I am simply explaining how long they stay in your system.

  17. Giovanni Pina says:

    There are a lot of steroids that I have already used in the past, and they all have different detection times. When I was using Testosterone Enanthate, it stayed in my system for up to six weeks, and when I was using Deca-Durabolin, it stayed in my system for up to four weeks. I know that during the period of time that Deca-Durabolin was detected in my system, I was free and clear, because there were no signs of any banned substance in my blood or urine when I had a test done.

  18. Kade Berry says:

    Knowing a steroid’s half life is a key to avoiding abuse and negative steroid side effects. In my personal experience, I noticed that the half life of Testosterone Cypionate is a day and a half. This means that in a day and a half, my body had metabolized around 50% of the testosterone I had taken. After two days, I would have been at my normal levels again. The half life is not only important for avoiding adverse reactions but also for monitoring your progress with your cycles.

  19. Manuel Kim says:

    I was once caught with steroids in my system because I didn’t exactly know how long it would stay detectable in my body. I thought I was free and clear from it. But I got caught. Apparently, Test Enanthate stays detectable for about 7 days. That’s why you usually have to do your cycle for 7 weeks or even more just to be on the safe side.

  20. Monroe Ames says:

    Much like most drugs, steroids can also be detected in the body, but only for a matter of time. I have been using Trenbolone Enanthate and I can see that it stays in my system for about 3 weeks. Bodybuilders and athletes who inject steroids into their muscles can also be detected in the body, but only for a matter of hours. I have been using Trenbolone Enanthate and I can see that it stays in my system for about 3 hours. It is not advised by most doctors to take testosterone enanthate orally because it would not get absorbed well into the body tissues, so it would be quite ineffective.

  21. Ezequiel Luttrell says:

    I had been using quite a lot of anabolic steroids (since I am on a steroid cycle in preparation of a local bodybuilding competition), and each of those steroids have their own detecting times, which is why I stayed away from check ups and all that. The last thing I want is for them to notice the steroids in my body and put me on a more medically assisted diet plan- that would just ruin everything.

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