Androxine (50mg/ml)

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Brand: Alpha Pharma
Active Substance: Trenbolone
Package: 10 Ampoules (50mg/ml)

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Androxine is a water-based suspension drug that is produced by one of the most popular pharmaceutical companies Alpha Pharma. The main active ingredient of this steroid, Trenbolone, is known for its high anabolic and androgenic properties. Trenbolone suspension is most commonly used by athletes, with experience in taking sports pharmacology drugs, for courses designed to accelerate muscle growth and increase strength.

Trenbolone Suspension positive effects

  • Gain of dry muscle mass with no subsequent rollback.
  • Saturation of the body with strength and energy.
  • Increase of physical potential.
  • Raising the level of the IGF.
  • Burning of fat deposits.
  • Reduction of cortisol, prevention of catabolism.
  • Fast recovery after workouts.
  • Improvement of sexual activity, erection and libido.
  • Normalization of mood.

Recommendations for use

If you decide to take Trenbolone Suspension, you will need to take injections of 50mg per day in different places each time. Sometimes there is pain at the injection site, this is normal, do not be afraid of this. The full course lasts for 1 to 2 months, depending on the state of health, indicators of the hormonal system, as well as other health indicators.

It is not recommended to prolong the course due to the suppression of natural testosterone and a prolactin increase in the blood. Also, doctors warn against an overdose of the substance, the steroid is quite powerful and can cause a number of changes in the body. After the end of the cycle, you need to perform post-cycle therapy to restore the hormonal background with the help of special drugs.

Side effects

  • Decrease in the level of testosterone in the blood.
  • Testicular atrophy.
  • Acne
  • Deterioration of the general condition.
  • Loss of strength.
  • Unstable erection.
  • Insomnia
  • Aggressiveness

The consequences can be different and depend on the actions of the athlete. Many people prefer to buy cheap, poor quality drugs, so afterwards they suffer the side effects from an overdose.

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Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Androxine (50mg/ml)

  1. William Spencer

    This is the best product by Alpha. I truly love this product in a strange way. It gives me a lot of strength and sends the head a little crazy but that is good for my training. I never realized Androxine was a susension version fo Tren and after pinnning it a few times, I can see why its so popular. The regular pins are a pain but the benefit in results speak for them selves. Had to half my dosage as I was too strong and didnt want to tear a tendon with my big lifts. Love this product, highly rating!

  2. Andre Steele

    I’ve never felt this potent before when I ran cycles and this is a real deal, no doubt on that! I was planning to continue my calorie deficit but I take too much calories when I used this product and It shocked me that I have put some mass but I think not an ounce of a body fat. I didn’t experienced any pips and it’s really smooth and clean so I’ll surely order and run this Androxine cycle again. Thank you so much! All in all, a2f-net with high qaulity products and great customer service equals satisfied customer!

  3. Timmy Towner

    Thought I would maintain more of my gains after the cycle but that didn’t happen. Gotta plan better PCT for my next cycle

  4. Beckett Keyes

    Make sure to take advantage of the specials and promotions that a2f-net always runs

  5. Orville Mac Duibhshíthe

    So this is what other people meant about a bang for your buck. This is my favorite roid of all times! I use Test Prop at a trt dose and along with this, I use 200 to 250 mg of Androxine and I really love how I look like now. My bloodworks are completely fine and I am trying to switch onto a lower dose because my muscle building capability is slow. Still the best roid for me!

  6. Brook O’Shaughnessy

    I was stoked at how big I looked when I started using this! I just entered the bodybuilding industry just a couple of years ago and despite how my bodybuilders frineds are telling me to not use this, I still did and I never regretted it! Androxine kicks in very fast, hence the faster growth of my body. This also makes me a god both in the gym and in bed. I can’t tell you how extremely horny I am whenever I take this! I never gain fat as long as I am hitting the gym and I take my protein and carbs in. This also messes up with my patience but I couldn’t care less. This is by far the best roid I have ever used! Great job Alpha and a2f-net! Such a high quality gear!

  7. sVergil Grover

    Y’all should not mess with Androxine! I already ran this for 3 times but my mental state was messed up! I was so neurotic and I felt like during those times I was like a madman! But damn the gains that I had! I looked like a freaking beast!! My friends complimented me almost every single day and I always go to the beach because of this. I only eat what I want but fat keeps on shedding. This was the best roid I ever tried and also the worst one in terms of sides. Now that I am older, I would probably run a test cycle only. I felt really good while on test only and I still keep my mrs happy at night. I am very contented with this. I would still like to rate androxine 10/10 since this gave me the best body I ever had!

  8. Malone Payne

    I ordered in the first week of may and the product came after 2 weeks. I’m very happy with the service and with the product!

  9. Paulie Ashworth

    My order came in just one week but I wasn’t surprised because I’ve been ordering from a2f-net for over two years now. Service is perfect and the sales are good

  10. Averill Proudfoot

    Fast shipping is something this a2f-net always does. They got top quality AAS that will always promote results

  11. Jordon Hodson

    This is my first time trying a steroid cycle. The product came after 2 weeks and I’m planning to start using it soon.

  12. Delbert Lockwood

    You can cycle this product with bulking or cutting compounds. The gains will be clean without any water retention. If you want some great cycles and amazing results try this Androxine

  13. Antinanco Warren

    Gained about 9lbs of muscle in just 6 weeks of my cycle with this Androxine, Free test levels went up and feeling better every day. Was able to push 300 on the bench which never happened before

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