Aquaviron (25mg/ml)

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Brand: Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, India
Active Substance: Testosterone suspension
Package: 12 ampoules (25mg/ml)



Aquaviron is an injectable anabolic steroid produced by Abbott Healthcare. It is Testosterone Suspension, which is the world’s first anabolic steroid, invented in the 1930s. The formula does not contain an ester, therefore 100mg of active substance is 100mg of “pure” testosterone. It has a fast onset of action and a high frequency of side effects, in particular painful injections. Many drugs contain oil or propylene glycol as a solution to reduce this pain but Testosterone Suspension is an an aqueous solution. It is mainly used before competitions, since it is not detected after only 1 day.

Effects of Testosterone Suspension

In general, the effects of the suspension are the same as those of other forms of testosterone.

  • Very short half-life
  • The fastest possible anabolic effect, felt literally the next day of the course
  • It is believed that the maximum growth is observed in muscles in which the solution is found, therefore it is often used for target muscles. However, this opinion is erroneous (otherwise asymmetric or localized hypertrophy would have been observed, which looked just as repulsive as when using Synthol).
  • In general, an aqueous suspension of testosterone is similar in pharmacological properties to propionate .

Course and doses

Testosterone Suspension maintains a high concentration in the blood for only 2-3 days, so intramuscular injections are performed every day for maximum results. The daily dose ranges from 50-100mg. Each new shot is injected in a different location to avoid local side effects.

The duration of the course should not be more than 4-5 weeks, since this will significantly affect the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular arc, with the suppression of the secretion of endogenous testosterone. For longer durations, it is necessary to combine gonadotropin into the cycle.

Very often, Testosterone Suspension is combined in one syringe with other anabolic drugs on a water and fat basis, or with vitamin B12 (reduces pain). Also, to eliminate pain, the drug is often mixed with a solution of Novocaine or Lidocaine.

It combines well with Nandrolone and equipoise in muscle-building cycles.

Side effects

The pharmacokinetic feature of the drug (a rapid increase in blood concentration) provides not only pronounced positive effects, but also severe side effects. Testosterone Suspension is highly androgenic and often causes acne, fluid retention and gynecomastia. For this reason, PCT is mandatory (antiestrogens are taken from the first day of the course). It has a toxic effect on the liver only in very large doses. Painful injections (although to a lesser extent than Testosterone Propionate and Winstrol).

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1 review for Aquaviron (25mg/ml)

  1. Jack Lopez

    Spectacular product! This test will separate the men from the boys for sure! Wanted to cut down on the sides from the long estered tests, so switched to the suspension and my god, its a powerhouse wihtin a ampoule! Being only 25mg doesnt seem to much and running it every day equates to 175 P/W but shit, it feels like 1 gram P/W. Love this products and the strength gains and recovry times are incredable. Big up to Abbott healthcare for creating pure fire witin amps!

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