Droscot (100 mg/ml)

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Brand: Scott-Edil Pharmacia Ltd
Active Substance: Drostanolone Propionate (Masteron)
Package: 10 ampoules 100 mg/ml



Our store offers you an original product from Scott-Edil Pharmacia Ltd. This company produces high quality Drostanolone Propionate, also called Masteron, in ampoules of 100mg/ml.  The main effect and goal of Droscot (Drostanolone Propionate) is keeping gained muscle mass. It reduces fat deposits and makes the muscles harder and more firm.

The main drug properties

Masteron by Scott-Edil Pharmacia has the following advantages:

  • Defined and firm muscles. The components remove excessive water from the body and this provides dry muscle mass.
  • Makes your muscles hard and attractive with a pumping effect and vein tracing.
  • Increased strength and endurance.
  • Subcutaneous fat burning. The efficiency depends on the intensity of exercises and diet.
  • Catabolic processes are inhibited.
  • The testosterone concentration is increased so this allows you to gain muscle mass and increasing strength.

The drug is not hepatotoxic. It does not increase blood pressure. This drug removes excessive liquid from the body. The estradiol concentration does not increase.


Masteron can be administered for up to 12 weeks. The duration depends on the current condition and goals of the sportsman. The recommended weekly dose is from 200-500mg, split into three injections per week.

For efficient drying, Masteron should be combined with Winstrol or Oxandrolone. For gaining muscle mass, this drug should be combined with Testosterone and Trenbolone.

After the cycle, a post-cycle therapy including anti-estrogens are needed. Also, testosterone boosters may be used. In our store, we offer Masteron and other steroids that are used in combined cycles and post-cycle therapy.

Potential side effects

This drug has the following rare adverse effects: balding, prostate gland increase, acne and gynecomastia. Usually side effects occur when the dosage is violated or the cycle is highly extended.

Check with your sports doctor before use and be sure to have a check-up to determine your current physiological condition.

Feedback about the drug

Sportsmen who have used this drug claim that it allows them to gain a good bulk of the muscles and burn fat. It is very popular both among beginners and experienced athletes. The drug can even be used simply for exercising at the gym. The popularity of Masteron is determined by its safety (if properly used) and its great effect.

If you would like to buy steroids such as Masteron by Scott-Edil Pharmacia in the USA, place an order in our online store! We provide easy and fast shipment to anywhere in the US.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Droscot (100 mg/ml)

  1. Sandy Thornton

    The Droscot mast from scott edil pharma is the best substacne for drying out the body. This works great with test alone and promotes major definiton. After about the 5th week my chest and arms looked as defined as Jackie Chans! Love this mast and will order more for my next cut.

  2. Justin Bates

    Great price for the Droscot form Scott-Edil! Didnt think this would be as good as it was cheaper, but after using it with some prop, this is better than my old brand which cost more! Will defo stick with Scott-Edil Pharmacia products from now.

  3. Mattie Roberson

    Decided to try this new brand of mast-p for my recent lean blast. Never seem much from scott-edil pharmacia but this droscot is actually really good! Feels much cleaner than others and the perfomance is certainly there! Will try some more for sure.

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