Masteron 200 (200mg/ml)


Brand: Dragon Pharma
Active Substance: Drostanolone propionate (Masteron)
Package: 10 ampoules (200mg/ml)



Do you need a top quality steroid to dry your muscles? Then Drostanolone Propionate from Dragon Pharma is exactly what you need. This is the short estered version of Drostanolone which is known to many as Masteron. Despite the high price, Masteron is extremely popular among steroid users, specifically bodybuilders, as it allows you to get excellent results in drying courses.

Properties of Masteron

Many athletes in drying courses increasingly prefer this drug. The fact is that with its help it is possible to achieve excellent results in the formation of pumped-up, defined muscle mass, while the content of fatty tissues and fluid in the body will be minimized. Also, the active components of the steroid allow the athlete to gain the endurance that is simply necessary if they are adhering to a rigid low-carbohydrate diet. Moreover, the drug is characterized by a short period of elimination from the body, which makes its intake practically invisible during doping control.


Despite the fact that Drostanolone Propionate appeared relatively recently, an increasing number of bodybuilders decide to buy Masteron due to its high effectiveness. Now, with strict adherence to all the prescriptions of a specialist, the drug can achieve the following effects:

  • Giving the musculature firmness and athletic definition.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Acceleration of the processes of burning fat cells.
  • Increase in strength indicators.
  • Increased endurance.

Recommendations for use

This steroid, like other Propionates, has a relatively short half-life of two to three days. In this regard, experts advise that is taken every other day at a dosage of 100mg. The duration of the cycle should be no more than 12 weeks.

A common drying course mainly consists of a combination of Drostanolone Propionate from Dragon Pharma with Winstrol or Stanozolol. If the goal of a bodybuilder is a set of high-quality muscles, then it is better to use a combination of this steroid with Testosterone Enanthate or Sustanon, while the weekly dosage can be up to 750mg.

Side effects

To this date, judging by numerous studies, taking the drug does not affect prostate enlargement. Moreover, in rare cases, the drug can cause acne, hair loss and aggressiveness.


Judging by the numerous reviews of athletes, during a cycle of Masteron, there is indeed an increase in endurance, which is so necessary in the period of preparation for the competition. You can buy the original Drostanolone Propionate from Dragon Pharma in our online store, which, in addition to low prices, offers convenient delivery to anywhere in the states.

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