Trenarapid (vial 100mg/ml)

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Brand: Alpha Pharma
Active Substance: Trenbolone acetate
Package: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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Trenarapid (vial) is a steroid called Trenbolone Acetate produced by Alpha Pharma. It is one of the most powerful anabolic agents on the market today. “Tren Ace” has a powerful anabolic and androgenic activity. The injectable steroid promotes the development and growth of high-quality muscles, as well as helps to increase physical strength.

The Effectiveness of Trenbolone Acetate

The main features of the drug are:

  • Quickly and efficiently increases muscle mass.
  • Increases strength indicators.
  • Burns fat cells.
  • Increases the level of insulin-like growth factor.
  • Reduces Cortisol.
  • Increases libido.
  • It is not converted into estrogens.
  • It has low hepatotoxicity.

Trenbolone Acetate is quite popular among professionals. Many reviews say that during a cycle you can increase the mass of quality muscle by 8-10kg while increasing definition of the muscles.

How to take Tren Ace

Trenbolone Acetate is recommended to be used only by men as, when it is taken by women, virilization may occur, even when taken in small doses.

The average dosage is from 50mg to 100mg every other day. The typical length of a cycle is 4-6 weeks. When running a cycle for longer than 4 weeks, it is necessary to take Proviron or Gonadotropin, so that there are no side effects from a decrease in the level of your own testosterone.

Side Effects

In addition to the positive qualities, the drug can also have negative consequences if taken for too long or in too large dosage. It can reduce the level of production of your own testosterone. There may also be side effects such as aggressiveness, skin problems, insomnia and increased blood pressure.

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Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Trenarapid (vial 100mg/ml)

  1. Kenneth Gonzales

    Alpha’s Trenarapid is perfect and didn’t have any side effects thanks to the acetate ester. Using this with the prop has been the best for me (apart from the EOD pins), but the results are incomparable, as you dont get as many sides due to the short half-life and the results are greater than ever! So far, I have purchased 6 parcels from a2f-net without any problems. Doing business with them is marvelous and I can’t wait for my next parcel!

  2. Teimbun Asaph

    It’s been about 8 weeks since my cycle started and this Tren Ace is amazing. Got some good gains in the weight room and noticed more vascularity. Can’t believe the strength of this Trenarapid and yet not feeling any bad sides. Thank you a2f-net for making me look better

  3. Omiros Azamat

    I’m stacking three products in this cycle and am really feeling it! The pumps are insane and my power keeps going up. A2f-net offers so many options to it’s customers and always has excellent customer service. I’m definitely a loyal customer.

  4. Wade Joaquín

    Not new to this lifestyle. In fact, been running cycles for a few years now but never experienced a product like Trenarapid, from a2f AND Alpha Pharma. My bench increased in just a few weeks. Gotta give props where they are due

  5. Michel Neofytos

    If you are like me than you usually doubt online stores. But, this place is top notch. Their service is the best around and their shipping and delivery standards are perfect. The trenarapid I bought has proven very effective and I owe it to a2f-net.

  6. Michail Sampo

    Quality of the products, quick delivery and excellent customer service are really astonishing!!

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