Ultima-Dbol (10mg)

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Brand: Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Active Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol)
Package: 50 pills 10 mg

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5 reviews for Ultima-Dbol (10mg)

  1. Fabian Urrutia

    Tried other brands of Dianabol but the ones from a2f-net and Ultima Pharma was the best. After taking a few doses my strength increased and muscle gains were plain to see. No side effects were felt. I highly recommend this to people who want to start bulking up.

  2. Cirilo Quintero

    My strength is through the roof just after using this for 20 days. This is the best product Ive bought!

  3. Garland Quincy

    My friend told me about this Ultima Dbol because this helped him work in the gym and I gladly accepted the idea to use it. The moment I took this, I was able to do perfectly in the gym and I gained a lot of muscle mass and my whole body was defined like a Greek mythology god! I never regretted on using this!

  4. Cordell Deadman

    If you are all looking for instant fullness and great gains, Ultima Dbol is for you! My friend suggested to use this because I am looking for a bulking roid and he told me that I should buy Ultima Dbol at a2f-net and I was not disappointed! This site was superb by the way, all of the gears are legit and insane! Anyway, I used ultima dbol at 20 mg because this is my sweet spot and I don’t see any reason why you should increase it at 30 mg. I also take this with AI because it gives me a really HBP and my nipples will always stand. I know that this gives you bloating but I couldn’t care any less because I perform better in the gym! I can lift heavy plates without any problem. I really can’t understand why there are a lot of people that does not use Dbol and those people that are increasing their doses at 50 mg. That is just so wrong! Anyway, big up to a2f-net and Ultima for this great gear!

  5. Chesed Sempers

    I used Ultima Dbol at 5 to 10 mg and now I know why this made the athletes win Olympic medals during 1900’s! Even at a small dose, you will feel good overall and the sides were mild. This is great for bulk cycles or mini trt cycles!

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